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Dugnadseksperten helps sporting teams and schools all over Norway with organizing fundraising activities. This concept is called Dugnad. We have actually written an extensive article with all you need to know. The Norwegian Dugnad-- What is this vital communal event? Spend time considering and reading about any kind of culture, and there will constantly be oddities that turn up from time to time. Every nation has its own culture and history, and this will involve many moments where things, frankly, seem a little strange. To an outsider, these cultural events can seem out of place or ill-fitting due to not fitting in with their own national structure. If you intend to find an example of a nationwide communal event that really helps to describe the national spirit, though, you should look no further than the Dugnad. For Norwegians, this community event is an incredible example of their spirit and their community.

Expires: August 21, 2022

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