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MFE Capital

MFE Capital is a specialist short and medium-term finance provider, particularly real estate. The funding is secured on the real estate asset, meaning that MFE Capital (and its investors) will always receive their returns. Investors worldwide are receiving outstanding returns from MFE Capital through its UK property assets. The minimum rate of return is 7.95% per year, going all the way up to 11.95% per year. All returns are 100% guaranteed and fully secured on real estate assets. Investment starts from £5000 GBP (€6000, $6500) and is available in all major currencies. MFE Capital accepts investments at a fraction of the usual minimum of $100,000. Smaller investors are normally shunned by other funds, but MFE Capital believes that investors of all levels should be offered greater returns.

Expires: November 10, 2023

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