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Duloch Leisure Centre ‘Bridges Suite Nightingale Pl, Duloch, ., KY11 8LW, GB

Soccer Stars Academy Duloch

Engaging Football Programmes by Age Group The coaches that oversee our inclusive football programmes for young children and toddlers create curricula that take into account the varying age ranges of each group. We are aware of the demands put on each age, so we constantly manage to keep things pleasurable for every person. Every week, our four kids' football classes are taught by: - Twinkle Stars: children from 18 months to 3 years - Bright Stars: children aged three to four - Shooting Stars: between the ages of five and six - Super Stars: children aged 7 to 9 Every group's goal is to help each child reach key developmental milestones that will boost their self-esteem and teach them valuable social skills, all while having fun and teaching them how to play football, the fantastic game, with various other kids their own age.

Expires: December 17, 2028

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