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183 Jln Pelikat, B1-44, Singapore, Singapore, 537643, SG
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Sooperlicious - Halal Customised Cakes

To make the world a better, brighter place by lighting up taste buds and spirits with our lovingly made cakes. We believe that there is a story behind every cake. A baker’s responsibility is to ensure that the utmost love and integrity is offered at every stage. From initial conceptualization of design and flavouring, to selection of ingredients and mixing all of the good bits into a batter, right down to final frosting for that ultimate icing on the cake (no pun intended!), you can trust that we devote 100% of ourselves into each stage. When that cake finally comes out of the oven and rests on the table, we take a step back, take in the aroma, hearts full knowing that we have given everything we had and totally excited to pass this on to you! When you buy from Sooperlicious, you are not just buying a cake. You are buying hours and days of love. We are Muslim-owned, with over a decade of baking experience. We are also recognized under the SMCCI.

Expires: July 03, 2024

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