Couponler is a technology company that creates ways for local businesses to connect with their immediate neighborhood consumers.

Our Coupon Generator

Less than a year from our initial launch more than 20,000 businesses have used Couponler to create and distribute coupons to their local customers. We have transformed the way coupons are made and deals are done locally, and we’re just getting started.   —   Have you tried it?

About tool

Our Impetus

Our Coupon Tool was built to serve local businesses. Our desire is to allow these businesses access to the amazing technology available to them through the internet. What better way than through the most proven form of advertising in the world. The coupon.

Local business drives local economy. We consider local business owners, heroes. They have put their reputation and livelihood on the line to offer something they believe in. We believe that’s a worthy cause and we aim to support it any way we can.

About impetus

Our Future

The first coupon was created over 120 years ago, in 1887. The year after the automobile was invented. Business has changed much since then, but one thing remains. Customers still enjoy a discount.

We believe this will always be. Which is why we continually find new ways of connecting customers with their local merchants. Our team is a small group of innovators with one goal in mind, to add more value than we receive in everything we do.

About future
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