Some of Our Best Features

Business Pages

Your Couponler Business Page is a micro site for your business. This landing page acts as a second home page that will give your customers a place to find your most recent coupons, then keep coming back for more! These Business Pages feature your logo, business name and tag line, phone number and full address. All of your active coupons are displayed with the most recent prominently displayed. There is also a live map to help people find your location and pay your shop a visit.

Search Power

On top of all this, Couponler Business Pages will double your presence on search engine results pages. What does this mean? It means when someone searches your business they will find a link to your website (if you have one) and a link to your Couponler Business Page. Resulting in more traffic, more awareness, more customers and more business. You’re welcome.

Coupon Metrics

Follow your coupon as it travels throughout the wide world and the world wide web, finding its way to your customers' devices, printers and hands…

With Metrics you can track how many views your coupon has had, how many social shares, how many prints and how your customers view your coupon. Even better, you’ll be able to compare your coupon campaigns to find out which offers gave you the best returns. Then you can run it again!

Coupon Formats

Would you like fries with that coupon? Unfortunately we can’t offer that, but what we CAN offer is your coupon in any format you could want. PNG (downloadable image), PDF, short URL, HTML, hosted on its own coupon landing page.

Want to include it in the body of an email? We’ve got you covered. Need to download and print it out as an in-store handout? No problem. Sharing it on any of the hundreds of social platforms on the web? Your coupon will appear just as you created it. All we ask is that you brace yourself for the potential flood of business coming your way as a result.

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